SAN CLEMENTE, CALIFORNIA — Two brave guardians of the rad stood before the high court of San Clemente, demanding a tribute to the late Paul Walker, who’s cousin went to San Clemente High School, be radically erected at the local Pier in downtown San Clemente. Credit: San Clemente Times & etc. no copyright infringement intended, my dude

Today is March 27th so this might seem a bit preemptive, but it’s not. VIDEO OF THE YEAR right here from Chad and Bodhi. RIP Paul Walker.

It doesn’t get more kook than this. I mean read the fucking YouTube description for example number one — “no copyright infringement intended, my dude.” Chad rolling up to the city council meeting in a flowered polo, “Bacon” beanie and striped tie, while his boy Bodhi literally brings a skateboard up to the podium with him. All-time video, and trying to write any more words about this masterpiece would just be taking away from the beauty that is San Clemente kooks.

If you want more from me, I’m sorry, but it is what it is. RIPĀ in peace, Paul Walker.


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