MAJOR SHOUTOUT TO GRANDPA JACK (I’m not sure that’s his name, but it is now)!!!

Fuck these wannabe Mumford and Sons bodybuilders with the lame-ass tattoos on their pecs and chests and ribcages, or wherever these guys are tatted up nowadays. And fuck anyone who tries to be all creative and shit with the way they work out.

Just look at this guy, who clearly thinks he’s the shit when, in fact, he actually is not. Guy’s not even the most interesting person a video he fucking shot to brag about how much he’s the shit:

I mean props to the guy for stacking dumbbells that well — it really is a talent — but twirling around on top of your tower of weights (which probably inconvenienced half of the people in your gym, by the way) for a few seconds while Grandpa Jack to drills two or three quick free throws isn’t all that impressive. Really though, the chick who posted this video is right — how can you focus on a guy doing a two or three second handstand on a stack of dumbbells when Grandpa Jack is making it fucking rain??? Get a fucking hobby, bro.

And you know what? Maybe this guy’s hobby is making towers out of dumbbells and doing stupid shit on top of them, and if it’s really the dude’s hobby, it is what it is. But I still stand firm on my belief that there are probably more productive, less inconveniencing hobbies out there for you. The world’s your ocean, man.


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