IHOP IN UNDISCLOSED LOCATION — Drunk blonde comes in loud af. She says “oh my god everyone is staring” after talking about bullshit. The black guy in the other group gets offended and goes up to her and the fight breaks out after one of the girls from the drunk one’s party punches someone.

Per the original poster on Reddit: “They had to close the restaurant for the night afterwards due to blood on the door. The cops were called as the fight broke out, one of the employees tried to intervene too. Our meal was free, but we barely got to eat it due to them closing. Tipped the waiter ten cause I know he’d have to deal with the fallout of that bullshit all night.”


Damn, I can’t tell if I hate those words or if I love ’em. Because any time you hear a chick yell “excuse me” you know shit’s about to go down. If you’re in a store, some employee is about to get his or her ass chewed the fuck out. If you’re in a fancy restaurant, some lady’s husband is probably about to go on a massively long cold streak. And if you’re in an IHOP at 12:30 in the morning, the entire restaurant is about to go ape shit.

Shoutout to “EXCUSE ME” chick¬†though, because she can talk some mad shit. “Do you wanna get your glasses smacked off, bitch?” If I see “EXCUSE ME” chick storming towards me yelling shit about how she’s gonna break the glasses I’m wearing off my damn face, I’m already high-tailing it for the door. Dine and dash, baby! And to her credit, it looks like “EXCUSE ME” chick beat the shit out of whoever it was she was trying to beat up.

But nah, people can’t seem to avoid getting into fights when they’re drunk eating at IHOP in the middle of the night. People wanna throw fists because why the fuck not, we’re eating midnight breakfast!

Another shoutout, this one¬†going to big black guy yelling “BOP BOP BOP” with every punch he lands. It’s a proven fact that the best athletes grunt — just ask Serena Williams or any Estonian who throws discus in the Olympics. Plus yelling “BOP BOP BOP” just sounds pretty fucking badass.

Love the drunk IHOP fights, keep ’em comin. But if there aren’t any more to come, it is what it is — I’m sure we’ll get some clip of people freaking the fuck out about a cancelled Spirit Airlines flight or something like that in the near future.


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