“Mmm good day m’lady, may I interest you in a relationship?”

Like who the fuck is this guy? No shit you’re on Tinder and no shit people are only going to swipe right if you’re attractive. So how bout you stop thinking about how you can write a creative caption without sounding like an asshole — because news flash, you’re going to sound like an asshole every time — and instead focus on editing the SHIT out of your pictures and tricking girls into thinking you’re good-looking?

After all, by your own standards, that’s what all these Tinder hoes seem to be doing anyways. Might as well beat them at your own game and score you some tail. Without seeing this dude, I’m gonna give him a 2.4 out of 10 on the looks scale just because you know he’s a guy whose only attractive matches are the bots who are asking him if he’s horny and wants to meet up with local chicks in his area.

Maybe his apparent anger towards fake women stems from clicking one of those spam links, maybe it’s from something else. Either way, it is what it is. Can’t judge a guy for trying to get his dick wet.

h/t niceguys


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